Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love Reminder

One day at work, we were talking about relationships (no surprise coming from a group of women, haha) and on the drive home, I couldn't help but reflect on my life as of now. If you already don't know - I am currently single. Oh, yes. Solo. Uno. One. Dance without a partner kind of gal.

So today is a wonderful reminder of how single I am (oh, you silly, commercialized love day)! Singles Awareness Day Unite! Joking aside, I like being unattached for now. The only part of being single that's slightly annoying is the "sympathy/pity" looks and comments I get for being on my if that's a bad thing...?? :(

I admit I can be quite negative at times, so sure, there are days when I feel lonely and bitter. But right now, I have the company of great friends and family to keep me sane ;)

In the meantime, I can wait. Wait for my special someone that will want the same love I'm looking for. You know, the love which makes you feel lucky all the time? The understanding, appreciative, well-rounded kind of love? That grounded love? The I-might-hate-you-right-now-because-you-pissed me-off-but-I-still-adore-you love; the you-accept-me-for-me-but-you-really-make-me-a-better-person type of love. I'm waiting for that love to come along. Call me a dreamer, but it's what I'm holding out for :) It's worth being patient for. I'll be waiting for the "we".

So why go through this waiting game? It's because I get inspired by good and honest love all the time! After all, I use it as fuel for inspiring my art. It's written in the faces of the couples I shoot for; each moment, each whisper, each quiet (or loud!) laugh, warm hug, sweet kiss and slight touch remind me of what's out there for me :)

It brings a smile to my face when I see parents lean in closely to one while their rowdy kids dance circles around them. They still enjoy those moments - and that's the kind of love I'm talking about.

Anyways, I've rambled long enough, so I thought I'd share one of my current favourite songs and dedicate it to those I care about (whether single or taken) - AND my blog readers. Thank you for being you and always bringing a smile to my face. Happy V-Day.

Much love.


Kyle Clements said...

Happy Singles Awareness Day Serena!

I know what you mean about the singleness. Valentines day really rubs your nose in it. grrr....

The good news: The rest of the month is the best time to hook up with someone, since it maximizes your 'in a relationship without having to buy a stupid valentines gift' time.
It's just like waiting till after last call to ask them to dance. all the perks, none of the expenses!

And if you do feel a bit lonely this Valentines Day, just remember what my father told me:
"Don't ever get married or have kids. It will ruin your life and put an end to all your hopes and dreams"
remembering those words usually cheers me up.


Serena S. said...

hahaha, i *heart* you kyle

Kyle said...




Anonymous said...

hahaa...kyle's dad is funny! xD

someday..someday S.A.D will be Vday again yay' hahaha

although Feb is over~
CHEERS for S.A.D+Meow year!!
Let's +oiL on everything!!!!!

I believe it too :)
MAGIC will comes when it comes my dear ❤ -LC'