Friday, September 12, 2008

Veggie Fair & V-Fest 2008

Virgin Festival was here again, or like my Mom says: "V-FACK? What's that? A new swear word?" Me: "No's V-Fest."

This year the Foo Fighters and Oasis were the headliners and as much as I like Oasis, I was in no mood to hear them argue or play a mediocre set (so I've heard from a friend that attended their concert). So Foo Fighters it was :)

I took the hoebag with me this year, and I was to meet my brother and his gf downtown. My brother wanted to attend the Vegetarian Fair prior, so that's where we headed for lunch. How is it that I've lived in Toronto for so long and not known about this? I was in veggie bliss :) Although I'll be the first to admit, the vegan movement is something I'll never be able to get into. Kudos to those who are, but I love my dairy and eggs too much to give it up. I tried this vegan energy bar that kind of tasted like sawdust with berries. 

I also scored some organic tote bags from Green is Black. I LOVE their bags; I'd purchased one in Vancouver and I'm uber excited to know they've opened shop here If you know me, I am a self-proclaimed bag whore. Yes, I admit it; and if it's environmentally friendly, even better :D

Anyways, some photos to share from that day. The first was on the way to Harbourfront Centre to the Veggie Fest. I just liked the shapes in this first image:

Really good organic vegan cupcakes!! Surprise for me! Although really, the icing made all the difference. I had a Green Tea cupcake. The hoebag had a vanilla one.

At the Virgin Festival/Centre Island:

Our view - so it wasn't the best, but thank goodness for jumbo screens :) Foo Fighters were awesome by the way. Of course my brother had no idea who they were.