Monday, June 16, 2008

A Posting Hiatus

Okay, okay, I've been lagging in my posts again - and it maybe it'll be another week or two before I can play catch-up with my photo blog :( Busy, busy, busy bee I am.

Upcoming postings to look forward to:
  • My community assignment
  • My final project/personal project - some people may already know what I've been busy working on, and may have been a participant ;) Thank you!
  • New York, New York
  • Vancouver & Rockies 
  • Misc. stuff...TBD :P
But in the meantime, enjoy a picture of my dinner from Saturday! Veggy good food + good friends + perfect weather = great time! 

*added later: By the way, guess who got herself some tickets!! Yahoo!! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Viva la Vida!!

OMG! Guess who's coming this summer? Must. Get. Tickets. Now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An unexpected pedestrian

I thought I'd also throw up a fun picture I took for the street assignment. Quack, quack! She was a real gem to shoot. Probably one of my best models ;) Her & her partner actually came right up to my camera lens as I was snapping away. Almost 2 minutes after this photo, the couple tried to cross the nearby road, and was *almost* hit by a crazy young driver. I'm glad he noticed that the ducks seem to have a larger human-shaped object tailing them with a camera and stopped. Hurmph.

The Street

Wow, days sure fly by quickly. It's already June?! When did that happen?? That just means one thing though - it's almost summer! Yay! Well, let me clarify, since those who know me, know that I HATE summer. So *ahem*, what I meant is "yay!" for the tons of events going on in the summer & hanging out w/friends, but "hiiiisssss" & "BOOOOOOOOO" for the damaging, horrible, burning, scorching, crazy hot & un-forgiving sun. 

I mean, I like warmish weather just like everyone else and feeling re-energized by the sun's golden rays :) BUT, sometimes those rays are like evil, killer laser beams targeting my pale, ghostly skin. You would think that I would appreciate some sun and get a tan, yes? No, my friends. The sun only does one thing to me: burns. I don't look that far off from the crustaceans found in your local Red Lobster platter. Yah, I'm sexy ;P

Anyways, enough with that! On to the photos :) These photos were taken for my "street" assignment. I think the pictures are self-explanatory, but for those who like to know the backstory, these photos were taken somewhere along Yonge Street. I managed to capture some photos of a homeless woman while I was walking around downtown before class. Every once and a while, she would shout in her tiny voice, "Change? Change?" to the people passing by her - people who didn't even give her the time of day.

The second photo was taken a few hours after class when I somehow ran across the same woman, in the same position, sitting at the same corner, still calling, "Change?". Once again, people walked by her. My classmates kind of wondered whether she actually sat there for a duration of (must have been) 6-7 hours (that was the time frame between each shot).  I managed to go up and give her whatever change was in my pockets during the day, but I kind of wondered whether it still sat untouched in her cardboard container later that night.