Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh my G20

Everyone had their own experience with the G20 Summit; this was mine. I've never seen Toronto such a ghost town before on a weekend...crazy, huh?

Taken Sunday afternoon, 5 PM.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sue & Derek Engagement

What can I say about this couple? Besides the obvious fact that pretty awesome and super fun, Sue and Derek are really forgiving too (well, particularly Sue...haha, more on this later).

I shot Sue and Derek's engagement session a few weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday (which I was so thankful for, since the weather played some weird Jedi mind tricks that month). We decided to hit up two different locations for their shoot: one being urban (Derek's an urban planner) & the other being somewhere in nature + a playground (Sue's an elementary school teacher).

My friend Dave came out once again to help shoot :) My shot (L), Dave's shot (R):

Sue was initially quite shy to be affectionate in public, so what did I do? Offered her some tough love and got her to show a little PDA in a very public place. Haha! She got over her nerves pretty quick after that. Love you Sue!

My shot:

Dave's shot:

During the shoot, I took Sue & Derek into one of my favourite Japanese stores, cubeshops:

I love it ;)

Haha, okay, remember how I said that they were a forgiving couple? Sue in particular? Well...after a quick change, we headed to the beach for some natural + playground shots. I suggested that we get some photos at this beach (that was also a dog park). Sue happens to be afraid of dogs. Wait. Oh. Crap. But Sue toughed it out for me! Thanks guys, you rock!

Dave took this next amazing shot! Love, love, love:

D's shot (L), my shot (R):

Derek having some fun:

My favourite shot of the day:

I leave you with this series. Derek, you make me smile :) And obviously you make Sue do the same:

Sue & Derek, I can't wait until your wedding next month!!! See you soon :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Puppy Love

Just shot one amazing wedding this weekend; there were laughs, tears and rain...lots of rain. I will post pictures later!!!

But I wanted to share this video with everyone - it totally made me smile :) Although I have a cat, I'm generally in love with all animals, so dogs = awesome! The entire clip is beautifully done - makes me want to try video one day. Maybe.

Dedicated to those who are having a crappy Monday!

Have a happy one :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Merry & Chris Engagement

Hey folks, it's certainly been a while! My apologies. So why the hiatus? Well, I've been a busy bee with preparing for some new and terribly exciting changes - lots of things in the works! But I'll leave that for another post ;)

Meet Merry and Chris! I shot their engagement a few weeks back, but that wasn't before their session had to be postponed a couple of times due to rain. I was nervous (as were they) that the weather wasn't ever going to be on our side :(

Then one weekend in May, the forecast called for an overcast sky (a photographer's dream) and huzzah! Off we went to Woodbine Beach to shoot their e-session :)

Along for the ride was my good friend Dave to help me second shoot. Thanks!!

Merry and Chris seemed kind of nervous at first, but soon after, they were such naturals in front of the camera!

I love me some doors:

A couple that can be fierce and fun? Win-win :) My shot (L), Dave's shot (R):

I adore this next photo:

I sometimes come up with really quirky ideas. Thanks for being such good sports about it :P

As we wrapped up the shoot, we ventured into the local beach pub where they enjoyed a hotdog and fries. Yum!

One request I got from Merry was to do a couple of shots of them with her Mini Cooper. Done and done! I absolutely love the last shot (on the right):

Thanks guys for such a wonderful day! I can't wait to shoot your wedding tomorrow! See you in the morning ;)