Thursday, October 23, 2008

An oldy, but a goody

Thought everyone might enjoy a video of Jasper when he was just a wee kitten. How he's grown now! I will try to get a more updated video of him now. Perhaps when he's eating and digging through my plants. Grr...but nonetheless, enjoy!!

**note: I have no idea what I was watching at the time on television, so excuse the whatever is it that's in the background :P

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Applewood Farm Winery

Okay, before I re-cap my Thanksgiving weekend, what happened to the weather? When did it become winter in October? Where's my crisp autumnal temperatures?! BAH. Not that I'm really complaining, because it could be worse (think blanketing snow storms a-blazing)...but still...*whine* I would have preferred to hang onto another 2 weeks of the light layers, thin scarf & fall jacket kind-of-weather. Oh well, bring out the winter jackets, ear muffs, gloves and boots.

Thanksgiving weekend:
Now my family's not really the roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce kinda people. We tried to celebrate this holiday the "traditional" way for a few years, but we quickly realized that 3 weeks of eating leftover turkey was a pain in the ass. 

This year I decided that, yes, I think I'll start a new tradition of my own (sorta)!!! Autumn = crisp weather = calls for outdoor activity + seasonal fresh fruit = APPLE-PICKING!!! Doesn't that remind you of your elementary school days? I remember picking apples, drinking hot cider & hay rides *what a pretty picture* Okay, so that's what I had wanted to do originally.  Only in retrospect should I have researched this great plan of mine earlier on...I mean, how did I know that apple season was nearing its end?? Huh.

But off we went - me, my brother and the hoebag to a farm...e-i-e-i-ooooo! Ha! So if we couldn't get apples, at least we should try for the next best thing - pumpkins :) We went to the Applewood Farm Winery in Stouffville and got ready for some pumpkin harvesting. Of course we got a little distracted by the actual winery.  I ended up buying their Macintosh Meade and 2 of their fruit ports. Yum!

Off to pumpkin land. 3 for $10, any size? Hello!

Some of the selections:

The only apples left were ground apples = not good for eating. Apparently they're really tart and only good for making pies. I would have bought a bag, but there's only so much pies and tarts I can consume before I roll my way out the door.

The view from the hayride - yes, we got on a hayride! We opted out of the corn maze they had there. I think after hearing "OWWWW" coming from the corn maze, we figured the hayride was a safer choice. 

Can you find me?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jasper 19 weeks

Awww...I dug this old photo up of Jasper when I first got him and he was no bigger than my television controller. How cuteeee!!! I almost forget how small he was. He's not so much anymore though.

Okay, so the next 2 photos are for all those curious to see what Jasper looks like now! Sorry I haven't posted an updated picture of him in a while, but he's now 19 weeks, has all his shots and I'm just waiting a few more weeks before I get him *ahem* neutered ;P

Here he is "helping" me with my laundry. Ha!