Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cabin Fever-ish

I've been editing like crazy this weekend, so I've been cooped indoors most of the :( Besides getting ready for a meeting, I've been pretty much living in my PJs churning away at photos.  I'll leave you with an image of a pretty park in hopes of distracting you from thinking what kind of slob I am right now....yay! TMI? Hahaha....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stone Cold Fox ;)

A sneak peek at an editorial/fashion shoot I had last week with Jason. A great collaboration and I look forward to more in the summer ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Feeding Time

This image reminds me of the photographs I used to take with my Holga camera (this was taken with the P&S). I think I should bring it back out and shoot some stuff with it, yes? 

**note: Not many people know, but I like to collect toy cameras :P I think I have 2 Holgas and 3 Lomos to date. I hope to expand my collection, but only when I can afford them :( Boooo....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shooting in the Rain

I don't usually like shooting in the rain (I prefer to jump in puddles!), but today was an exception. Crisp weather, cool rain, with my umbrella and P&S - I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture and experience the beautiful fog we had! So after work I headed over to a nearby park and snapped away. I should have used a better camera, but I still love the images I get from my P&S, especially in this weather :)

I ended up taking a whole bunch of images, but for today, I'll just post this one. Apparently the weather didn't stop this guy from taking a bike ride either.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CONTACT @ Gladstone Hotel

Two weeks ago, I went downtown to check out the CONTACT Photography Festival at the Gladstone Hotel with a couple of friends. This year, Still Revolution was the theme and I had to check out how photographers took that theme and ran with it @ the Gladstone. Partly because I've never been there before (it's a really cool place and I would LOVE a chance to shoot there one day!), but mainly because I was there to support my friends who were exhibiting their photos :D I couldn't be more proud of them and I was blown away by their work! 

While I was there, I bumped into my friend Matt, an exhibitor, (Hi Matt! I don't think you read this blog, but oh well...) and it was really great to see his completed works after all the bumps that happened along the way; the finished pieces were just awesome :D

Matt Fung:

Adrian Smith:

Bill Self
They all have more work than the one piece I'm showcasing here, so if you have time, please check them out!!! I've been going to CONTACT for a number of years now and honestly, this venue has one of the best exhibits I've seen to date. 

There was another show Exposed: Innovation, Transformation, Revolution that was playing on the top floors and it was so neat! It was mostly video, but just have to go to really understand what I mean :)

CONTACT runs until May 31st, so if you don't have plans this weekend, definitely try to check out the exhibits. They're all over Toronto, so there's tons to see!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Christina & Leslie Wedding (05.16.09)

This blog post was long overdue I realize (sorry!!), but I hope it was worth the wait because I'm just warning you people, this is a MASSIVE post ahead. I couldn't help it this time, there were just so many images I wanted to blog :) But maybe because it's my cousin's wedding, so I'm a bit bias ;P

Now I haven't seen my cousin Christina in quite some time now, but when I was asked by my family in Montreal to help photograph her wedding here in Toronto, I was more than happy to! :) Even though she had already hired another fabulous photographer Joee Wong (who's such a great guy!), I was thrilled to play a small part of her wonderful day.

To be honest, the weather that day wasn't all that perfect - it rained a lot. And I mean a lot. But that didn't damper their spirits one bit!  They got married at The County Club underneath a beautiful chuppa in front of all their family and friends.

Leslie waiting anxiously for his bride to come down the aisle:

Okay, how cute is the flower girl?? I think I took a bazillion pictures of her that day! Yes, I think a bazillion...haha...

My gorgeous cousin coming down the aisle with her father:

Now becoming husband and wife:

Okay, I have to explain the next photo and why I think it's completely awesome and totally Christina! It was kind of hot in the room where they got married, so I think Christina's fingers started to swell a tiny bit. When it came time for Leslie to put on her wedding ring, it wouldn't fit!! So this is Christina trying to put the ring on her finger, all the while going "Get itttt! Get ittttttt!!! Getttt!!!!!" She just couldn't wait to be Leslie's wife, and I couldn't stop laughing at her enthusiasm the entire time!

Christina hamming it up for the photogs:

Christina's older brother, Eric:

Notice the umbrella? Like I said, it rained a lot, but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time :)

They held their reception at the Paramount Conference & Event Venue, which was honestly, my first time being there. Holy WOW, what a venue!!! It was absolutely gorgeous inside and I couldn't stop taking photos! 

Hands down, probably one of the best 'first dance' routines I've seen in like....ever. I couldn't tell you how many hours it must have taken them to nail that routine, but it sure paid off :)

A sweet moment during the father/daughter & mother/son dance:

Christina's younger brother Brian working the crowd for his impromptu break dance, courtesy of Eric (hahaha), but he totally rocked it!!! (you'll have to click on the image to see the larger photo):

And I'll end this post with my most favourite image of the night. What can I say, I love me a little lens flare, and more importantly two people in love :)

Christina & Leslie, thanks for letting me capture some of your beautiful moments. I hope you had a great time in Vegas, baby! ;D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Christina & Leslie Wedding Teaser

I just attended the most awesome wedding over the weekend - my cousin Christina's! Congratulations! Even though I wasn't the main photographer, I was honoured to play a little part in it with my camera :) Thanks guys!

I love this image for so many reasons, but mainly how Christina looks at her husband with such love.  I'll do a full post on this later, as I'm busy with their images; I just hope they'll love them!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Overdue Update

I have so many things to blog about - but not quite the patience to re-count everything right now....hahaha....but I'll leave with some pictures of posts to come :)

I'll be shooting my first wedding of the year this weekend, and I'm uber nervous but uber excited!! :) Let's hope for good weather for the long weekend! 

p.s. thanks everyone for their comments re: my hater-time with MSN ;) i will warm up to it eventually....i think. we'll see :P 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Techno Venting

I cannot express how frustrating MSN is on the Mac. Frankly, it kind of sucks! And why can't I choose my own icon picture? Must I choose from the 20 stock images they provide??? Am I really like a woodland frog? Or maybe a sunflower....ocean waves perhaps? 

Even though I'm a recent convert to using the Mac computer, there are still pleasures that I really miss from my PC - my MSN is one of them. Along with larger icon pictures...anyways.

This ends a session of my Techno Venting. Thank You.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Times of Reflections

Summer's fast approaching now that spring's here. Lots of things to plan out, think about and focus on. When did time go by so quickly? *sigh* Let's hope I don't forget to take a moment to breathe...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

I took a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary this weekend with my best friend. It's a 100 acre farm in Guelph where its become home to over 100 donkeys; some were abused and neglected, others were left in the sanctuary's care after their owners couldn't care for them anymore. All the donkeys, mules and sheep are allowed to roam freely around the property where they will spend the rest of life in peace :) It really is a beautiful place and it was a great opportunity to go, especially since they were looking for photographers to take photos for them ;)

I still have lots of images to edit for the farm, but here are some of the few snapshots I got from the P&S when I got tired of lugging around my gear. Haha, I became quite an attraction for the donkeys there with my huge red camera bag - well, particularly my camera bag. I guess they all thought it was something cool to nibble on. 

After a few hours at the farm, I couldn't help but fall a little in love with this particular donkey that I was grooming. So me & L became her sponsor :) Meet Abigail (Abbey for short). She's the sweetest thing, and who knew she was a mommy already? I didn't get to meet her child, but the next time I go, I'll make it a point to find her. 

This is Abigail after grooming - she looks like she's about to take a nap! All the donkeys seem to love the grooming, and who wouldn't? I'm excited to make another trip out there soon :)

If you're interested, you should check out their annual Donkey Day and give the donkeys some love! 

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My cat hasn't made a cameo in a while on this blog, so I thought I'd share the most recent picture of him looking his cutest :) I've lost track of how old this guy is anymore, but I think he's going to be 1 year in a couple of months.

Wow, my little guy is growing up so fast! I'm a proud cat mommy :)