Friday, May 30, 2008

The End of an Era

(if you look closely at the photo, I like how there's two elderly men heading towards the Beer Store at 4PM - haha!! The Beer Store is blocked by the sign, in case you're wondering)

Okay, so I meant to post a while back re: my next assignment, but I'm going to sidetrack for a bit - since it is my blog! ;P So I'm dedicating a post to what I call an end of an era. No, not really for the Loblaws (or "Loblaw") Company, but for my own neighbourhood Loblaws supermarket store. May 28th marked the last day for Store #1002 and next year, it will turn into a No Frills - which is a chain that Loblaws also owns (I'm pretty sure there's a more business term for what that is). Ha, interesting huh? Kind of like the Banana Republic --> GAP --> Old Navy syndrome.  But still, it's no Loblaws :(

Now why am I dedicating an entire post to supermarket you ask? It's just a grocery store, right? Go shop at Dominion! Bah!! Well, this store has also been my "home" for 8 years. Ignore the fact that I probably haven't worked there in the last 5-6 months due to scheduling conflicts, but yes people, I worked at the Photolab to be more specific.

It was in the Photolab where I met some of my closest friends to date, and to think that we're all going to be separated is sad. I don't think we'll ever lose touch, but it's not the same :( So perhaps it isn't really the store that I'm mourning, but the people and connections made there that I'm going to miss the most.

So farewell Loblaws! I will miss shopping with you; to my co-workers/friends, I'm only a phone call away :) 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Familiar - Part Deux

In my first post, I mentioned that the kitchen was a meeting place for my family to go chit chat about our day. Well, the kitchen just so happens to be the place where we eat! Duh. What better way to document something familiar to me, than to take photos of my weekend lunch :) Mmmm...spicy ramen (with an egg added in for good measure!) Spicy MSG noodles + soft boiled egg = one happy stomach :D

I managed to take a before & after shot for your viewing pleasure. Trust me, the before shot was not easy for me to take, as I was uber hungry :P 

A friend also mentioned that I used a Japanese spoon vs. a Chinese one to eat ramen with. I'm telling you, the Japanese sure know how to create awesome utensils. Did you ever run into the problem of having your spoon fall into your noodle bowl? Well, I did and it sucked. Imagine having to fish that thing out with your chopsticks. Soup & noodles flying all over the place...not a pretty picture :( Well, extend the spoon handle and add a hook = problem solved!!! Go figure. My ramen eating experience has never been a problem ever again :)

Bon appetit!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Familiar

thefamiliar_01, originally uploaded by

Hello! Just testing out my first post on my photoblog. Welcome :)

Anyways, I promised some friends that I would start blogging my photography adventures ;) So here I am!

So what is this photo then? 

*Backstory: I've been taking a documentary photography course and my first assignment had to do something with the "familiar". What the heck is the "familiar"? Well, apparently none of my classmates really knew either, including myself! Haha! But the instructions were to capture - on film - a snapshot from your everyday life; daily rituals, meal preparations, people, objects, etc. were fair game for subject matter.

I chose to photograph my mother's bedroom. Kinda boring, maybe? But I realized that this would be an appropriate snapshot of my "familiar". This is where my brother and I would go to and catch up with my mom (besides in the kitchen, but I'll talk about that later); whether it was for a quick "hello! how are you?" or lengthy & in-depth (driving my brother to boredom = asleep on the floor) "girl-talk" :P 

Anyways, I hope you like this one! I may post more pictures up later from this assignment - stay tuned!!

Cheers :)